The first settlement in Oregonia, Ohio was around 1802, where there was a mill operated by various people over the years. The Little Miami Railroad reached the village around the year 1845. The Little River Cafe original building was built in the 1870's, by the Sherwood family. It was turned into a restaurant approximately 40 years ago by Wilson Sexton, and was known as The Sexton House. A few years later, it was renamed as The Freeport Inn. In 1993, when the bike trail was established, the building was renamed and became The Little River Cafe. The restaurant was unfortunately destroyed by an electrical fire on February 13, 2009 (Friday the 13th). With community support the establishment was remodeled and reopened in July, 2010.

The Little River Cafe is a popular resting stop for hikers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and canoers during the summer due to our location being right off the bike trail and next to the river. During the warm days of the year, we offer outdoor patio seating with a scenic view. Also when the weather is permitting on Friday and Saturday nights live music is played on the patio where friends, old and new, gather together under the stars to enjoy good food, beer, music and company.

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